Spring Fashion – By Ruby Bhandari

Spring is here, and the evidence of nature brightening up is everywhere…

This season, color is at the forefront of every designer’s mind. Bright, bold, and beautiful are three words to describe this spring’s power pastels and blazing hues of pinks, reds, yellows, and oranges. This isn’t a spring for the shy; the fashion-conscious are taking advice from the sunrise.

It’s not all about florals this year; it’s about flow, feel, and full-color coverage. Trending this spring is the iconic yellow dress. Top to bottom, the yellow dress melts over the body in a gentle, confident way–a promise to the world that the sun will indeed come out tomorrow, despite the April showers. Luxury boutiques, like Silk Threads, are committed to satisfying the Yellow Dress Demand.

This season, your best accessory is the wind, as it gives flight to sheer, flowy, and sometimes transparent fabrics. These materials are seen in every length of the tunic, style of sleeve, and kind of pant, from flare to bell-bottom to fitted ankle pant. Don’t worry; they’re all in.

Just as the lighter fabrics are in, the “heavier” fabrics are just as welcome–if not more. With no seasonal cut-off for velvet and suede, we’re seeing shoes and platforms especially take on the velvet challenge in colors of wine and every color of pastel.

From open-toed wedges and pointy-toe flats to thick platforms and strappy sandals, every velvet step might as well be on the red carpet.

Handbags are getting a lot of attention this season for their versatility, convenience, and style. Top handle bags are coming equipped with a cross-body strap, making it possible to carry throughout the busy day and easily switched back to the handles at night.

This year’s handbags are staying in the small-to-medium range and are taking on both pastels and vibrant color blocking.

One of the hottest trends in season is what many call “ombre” and what designers “color-shading.” This blending of color adds depth and sheen to the runway, crosswalks, sidewalks, and boardwalks. This method of shading marries two or more colors and commits the wearer to become a walking horizon of sorts.  

Separating blouses from bottoms this season, crop tops, long skirts, and flowy pants are covering the fashion landscape. Crop tops, with or without sleeves, are keeping it cool while looking hot…adding flexibility by breaking up the one-piece dress and allowing us freedom of choice to wear what we please.

For those of you who are looking for some ethnic-inspired trends, light fabrics with delicate embroideries are in – from pastel colors to shades of beige ruling the Spring. Be sure to accentuate them with traditional silver jewelry to be the soul of the party…

Put simply, this season is for the one who likes to dress up. Be ready to be bold, bright, gold, and light with the finest fabrics and the most captivating colors.


Ruby Bhandari (voted as D Magazine’s 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas in 2013), founded Silk Threads, Inc. out of her personal desire (and need) for fashionable ethnic wear that reflected her Indian heritage but also spoke to her Western sensibilities. Born in New York and raised in Austin, Texas, Ruby started Silk Threads while still pursuing her degree at the University of Texas at Austin.

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