Desi Restaurants In Dallas

You’ve heard of biryani and naan off course, but food lovers must know Pakistani cuisine has a lot more to offer that no one wants to miss out on.

And no one can understand the pain of missing out on such scrumptious delights but the desi community living abroad.

But those living in Dallas are lucky because there is a number of Pakistani restaurants serving the taste buds right. Here some of these restaurants are discussed.

Ephesus Mediterranean Grill

Situated in North Dallas, it is not a place that serves Pakistani food but it offers Turkish food.

The taste resembles the desi cuisine and the service is best. It guarantees a good experience in terms of taste, service, and quality.

Meerut Kabab House

The taste of Pakistan’s famous Meerut Kabab House is available in Dallas as well.

If you are a kabab fan then you ought to visit this place. They serve mouthwatering kababs hot and perfect.

Al Kabob Grill & Café

It is one of the best into-Pak food outlets in Dallas.


The restaurant is not only restricted to Kababs, it offers a variety of dishes. Their specialty as the name suggests are kababs of different types.

Café Pyala & Catering Service

The well-known name from Karachi, Pakistan has a variety of food available.

They offer everything from halwa puri to karahi. Every desi, non-desi will love it.

Charcoal Avenue

Their menu is a mixture of everything.

They have kababs, burgers, falafels and a lot more. Their barbeque is delicious and worth a try.

So when are you trying these restaurants out? We assure you the visits to these places will make you miss home a little less. They will allow you a glimpse of your childhood kitchen in the homeland you are now far from.

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