Biryani In Its All Glory

If we have to describe biryani in a single sentence…well, sorry we can’t. Biryani cannot be defined in a single sentence. It’s not a dish! its an emotion, its a feeling so overwhelming that captures all 5 senses.

How can someone describe biryani? Let alone in a single sentence, biryani cannot be described because we can’t put emotions and feelings into words properly.

A blend of amazing spices mixed with deliciously cooked meat with righteously boiled rice oh it makes our mouths water. Biryani is loved by all, Pakistanis and Indians especially Karachiites take an immense pride in claiming the dish as their own.

But sorry karachiites (who are reading) you are not the only ones who have mastered the art of biryani making.

Biryani was originally discovered from the lavish kitchens of Mughal. Mughals came to India from Persia so technically biryani has Persian origins. Does it break our egos because how could such a great food not be sub-continental?

It is one of the very few dishes that have been improvised in several ways. Every region added its own flavors to it and owned biryani with a pride.

There are several types of biryani famous worldwide but in this article, we have listed the types of biryani that are lesser known.

Ambur Biryani

Ambur is a city in Tamil Nadu, India. It is known for leather tanning and its biryani. Ambur has more biryani shops per kilometer than any other metropolis in the world.

Kacchi Biryani

Kacchi is an Urdu word which means ‘raw’. This type of a biryani is named kacchi because it is prepared with raw meat and rice. Ideally, meat and rice are separately cooked and then combined. It is the specialty of Bangladesh.

Middle Eastern Biryani

Isn’t it astonishing that biryani even exists in the Middle Eastern cuisine? It has a stronger saffron base than the Indian version. This biryani is popular in Bahrain, Iraq and Arab states.

Sri Lankan Biryani

It is called ‘buryani’ in Sri Lanka and it is much spicier than the biryani we have here. When Tamils went to Sri Lanka from India they took the recipe of this heavenly delight with them. It is altered over the period of time and is now a part of Sri Lankan cuisine.

Indonesian Biryani

Indonesia is known as the melting pot of many different Asian cultures so the biryani prepared here has borrowed something from all Asian cultures. It is called ‘nasi kebuli” and is prepared in Ghee, rice, and meat.

Malabar Biryani

The coasts of Kerala, India are familiar with Malabar biryani. The meat is first deep fried for this biryani and it has very little spice.

Bhatkali Biryani

It is popular in Karnataka. The ratio of onions is higher in it than any other form of biryani. The meat and rice are literally cooked in onion gravy.

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