10 best travelling apps every traveler should know about!

You know you love traveling when half your phone storage is occupied by traveling apps! Well, I don’t blame you, traveling is one of the best things to spend money and time on. But make sure all the apps hanging onto your phone serve their purpose right. And if you are confused which ones to keep and which ones to let go of, just keep reading.

Google Trip

This is one awesome app! All of the major attractions can be saved and be seen on the map to measure the distance between the points of attractions. You can download the city file offline too and explore it when you don’t have data. Great app for organizing your entire trip and making it seem really easy.

Trip Advisor

Another great multi purpose app,  Trip Advisor helps travelers decide on hotels, restaurants, attractions, and flights. The review feature on trip advisor is loved by many who like to read and write reviews regarding their trips.


This is a fantastic app for transportation and route planning. It is extremely easy and user-friendly, just enter the departure and arrival destinations and it will give you a list of flights, buses, trains and even driving options.


If you get confused or lost at what to eat in a new city, try this app and find out the best restaurants, cafes, bars etc by readings extensive shared reviews. From minute details, like hours of operation, phone numbers to sometimes extensive details, like menu and pricing is also available on the app.


Maps.me is one of the best map and location app. It lets you download maps of cities and places, for where data might be unavailable. This app helps you star locations for later use.


An app for finding Halal eateries anywhere in the city. This is regarded as one of the most useful apps by Muslims around the world, especially by those who cannot eat non- zabiha food. Helps you locate zabiha restaurants, even those who might not be seen visible as Halal eateries.

Google Translate

Not knowing the language can be a real bummer, but don’t worry Google translate can really help with this problem. Translate conversations and text at your pace, also, it would be feasible if you download the dictionaries you will be needing for when there is no wifi or data.


Hotel and motel are old school ways of accommodation, for a more homely and real experience try renting an Airbnb room, stay with the locals or at their places. The app offers far cheaper prices than hotels and lodges.   if you are


Local cabs and taxis can sometimes be quite expensive, so save your self some cash and hassle, go for Uber! It works in over 77 countries and 527 cities.


Need to search for flights, and want the search to be easy, quick and accurate, well Skyscanner is the app to go for. If you are looking for cheaper flights, Skyscanner will not just show the dates but notify you too if prices change.

Most of these apps are completely free of charge and require the easiest instructions to follow for either booking, locating or reviewing. Next time when you travel, remember to take advantage of these awesome apps!

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